Crop Production

The Prisons Farms are mandated to train, rehabilitate and reform prisoners by imparting crop production and various farming skills to inmates which on release will enable them to transform into responsible law abiding citizens.

Crop production is practised on several of the Prisons farm units located all over the country;

Vision and Mission


A centre of excellence in providing human rights based correctional services in Africa.



To provide safe, secure, and humane custody of offenders while placing human rights at the centre of their correctional programmes.

Core Values

  1. Justice as the core value.
  2. Fundamental to an effective Correctional and Justice System in a firm commitment to the belief that offenders are responsible for their own behaviour and have the potential to live as law-abiding citizens.
  3. The majority of offenders can be dealt with effectively in the community by means of non-custodial correctional programs; imprisonment should be used with restraint.
  4. In the interest of public protection, decisions about offenders must be based on informed risk assessment and risk management.